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It's all too easy to get your Virtual Wholesaling business started off on the wrong foot. Ensure that you don't fail by checking out our free virtual wholesaling report. Learn about the Top Ten Mistakes made everyday by every newbie wholesaler nationwide. Your success virtually depends on it. Get started on the right foot today!


Real Estate Coaching

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Wholesale Real Estate Partners delivers everything you need to wholesale, invest or bird dog real estate deals nationwide. Learn how to Locate and Analyze Potential Deals like a Boss! Get some Professional Coaching and plug into all the lead generation tools and Marketing resources you'll ever need to succeed in real estate as an Investor, Local Wholesaler or Virtual Wholesaler. Check out our Wholesalers Resource Tool Box

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"Always stay thirsty for deals my friend!”

Looking to sell a house, multi unit, apartment, mobile home park or commercial real estate fast? We Buy Real Estate Nationwide! We are looking for Off Market, (Not Listed on the MLS) Wholesale Real Estate Deals that have a minimum of 30% equity in the deal after the project is funded, rehabbed and sold.

Wholesale Real Estate USA utilizes leading edge real estate investing software and systems to evaluate potential deals extremely fast, make quick decisions and contract them for maximum profit. Use the exact same software we use to generate leads, analyze and close deals everyday nationwide!

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Real Estate Coaching

Our Professional Real Estate Investing Education Program is unmatched in the industry. It is based on proven learning methodology and real life deal design. We developed this real estate investing coaching program with well-structured instructional materials using years of investment objectives, related teaching strategies, systematic feedback and coaching student evaluation.

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"I have been looking into real estate coaching programs for some time now. I knew that I needed a fast, efficient, and reliable mentor, and after speaking with at least 20 other coaches, mentors, and investors, and spending way too much time and money on them, I luckily got in touch with Wholesale Real Estate Partners, and their professional real estate coaching and mentoring program. I have never done this before, but right away, my coach was very open, honest, and informative in his approach to explaining his role, what would be my objectives, and the process in which we would reach my goals and start closing deals fast!

Overall, I'd say that this coaching program is very professional, relaxed, and user friendly, which makes the learning process very easy for me to understand. My daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals are always on point with my coach, and throughout the process he keeps me very focused, enthused and motivated. I'd say, from my very first coaching call to my first deal closing, my coach was very responsive and motivating, and with all the guidance, I am definitely on track to becoming a successful real estate investor thanks to the Wholesale Real Estate Partners Coaching Program!"
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Our Wholesale Real Estate Partners are doing deals everyday nationwide. Let us show you how to get on board, get trained and educated and start doing deals as an Investor, Wholesaler or Virtual Wholesaler. From software systems to lead generation and direct mail marketing campaigns, we'll have your Real Estate business up and running for a lifetime of profits!  To learn more about our Wholesale Real Estate USA coaching program click the button below.

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Real Estate investing is a tricky little business, and if you don't treat it like a serious venture your gonna go down hard and fast my friend! Do yourself a favor and get started with professional real estate coaching. It's the fastest way to get yourself educated with consistent deal flow. Check out our coaching program.